Henk Berg Recommend Renapur

Starting from a family run workshop on the island of Tasmania in Australia, today Henk Berg is a global company that produces leather articles with an emphasis on quality and durability. Each product is designed with careful consideration to both functionality and aesthetics. Sizes and the placement of pockets and straps are considered to ensure maximum comfort and convenience; seams are double stitched for reinforcement; and only the finest leather is used to ensure maximum durability and a stunning finish.

It is because of this care and attention to detail that Henk Berg now distributes worldwide and has a loyal following across the globe.

Henk Berg’s overarching design philosophy is that “in our throwaway society, discerning individuals are searching for durability and quality”. Understanding that his customers value and look after products, Henk Berg recommends Renapur to keep their leather articles in the best condition.

“Our bags are made from a high quality vegetable tanned leather and require a high quality leather care product. Renapur helps to maintain, clean and protect our leather bags. Our bags are made to last – using this product helps to maintain their quality and ensures that our customers enjoy their Henk Berg product for a long life. Our leather bags are made using a traditional and environmentally friendly method, we value using other natural products that also help us to “tread lightly” on this planet.”

Find out more about Henk Berg’s high quality vegetable tanned leather goods.

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