Cobra Leathers - Swindon

I own and run an ‘old school’ style shop that does repair work to all items leather and otherwise. This is my testimonial to Renapur products.

Renapur – well what can I say! I use nothing else in my daily work, I always recommend it to all my customers and I have a link from my website to Renapur, as it makes it so easy for my customers to get access to their products.

I have restored several, wartime, leather jackets using Renapur, and the transformation is amazing. Prime example being: – A 1940’s Canadian Flying Jacket, given to a British ground crew member during the war. It was brought to me by the gents grandson, after he found it hanging in the garage after his Grandfather died. It was mouldy, dry and I think ‘delicate’ is the word. The lining was basically a blanket and in really good condition, considering. So, I stripped it down, and re-made it. It was cleaned using the Renapur cleaner. Then over the space of a week, it was ‘fed’, twice with Renapur Balsam. The result is a jacket that the grandson now wears on a regular basis. Then every now and then it is brought to me for a ‘check up’ and re treated with Renapur Balsam if needed.

Renapur is used at Cobra Leathers on a daily basis for small and large jobs. Any customer, who has seen the before and after effect, wants to know ‘HOW?’ So the explanation is given, and off they go saying things like ‘I’ve got to get some’ or ‘I don’t believe the difference’.

As a shop that deals predominantly with leather, I have no other leather cleaner or food on the shelf.


Annie   Cobra Leathers, Swindon.

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