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How to keep your purses and bags looking

How to keep your purses and bags looking "brand new"

Sometimes we get treated to that handbag or purse we have wanted for aaaaages or sometimes we just have to treat ourselves, we needed it, and there was nothing we could do... we invest in these amazing handbags and purses that complete our outfits and enable us to make a statement. However, using them regularly can leave you terrified of damage and everyday wear and tear. From spills and stains to scratches and scuffs, it can feel like running a gauntlet every time you leave the house to show off your purchase. Fortunately, Renapur understands and we have the perfect solution for keeping your handbags and purses in top condition. 

Leather Handbags & Purses

For your leather handbags and purses, start by using Renapur Leather Cleaner Spray for your everyday care and maintenance. Simply spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and gently rub the leather in circular motions to remove any dirt or stains. For tougher stains, leave the cleaner to soak into the leather for 30 seconds before wiping away.

Once your leather is clean, it's time to condition and protect it with Renapur Leather Balsam. Take a small amount of balsam onto a soft cloth or sponge and work it into the leather, ensuring you cover every inch, including the hard-to-reach areas. The balsam will help to nourish and protect the leather, keeping it soft, supple, and resistant to wear and tear.


Suede, Nubuck & Fabric Handbags & Purses

If you have a suede, nubuck or fabric handbag or purse, Renapur Suede & Fabric Protector is the perfect product to help protect your bag against water and stains. Simply brush off any obvious dirt or dust with a soft brush before spraying the protector liberally all over the item, ensuring you get into all the crevices and folds. Leave the protector to dry for 24 hours before using your bag again. It will now be ready to show off to all your friends, and protected for when your clumsy friend Emma inevitably spills a drink over it!

Using Renapur products on your handbags and purses will help to keep them looking their best for longer and allow you to leave the house with confidence that they are protected. With its natural ingredients, easy application, and long-lasting effects, Renapur is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to protect and condition their favourite accessories.

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