"Renapur Balsam immediately enriches all the leather"

KLG Deehide is a small British leather working business that was launched by me, Kathy Greaves, in 2012. My workshop is based in a converted outbuilding of a Victorian fishing lodge, by the beautiful River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is here that I design and make fine, hand-stitched leather bags.

Each bag is individually made entirely by hand, applying traditional methods of craftsmanship using vegetable-tanned leather and waxed linen thread. Attention to detail is important and with each piece, I concentrate on a high finish.

When completed, all my bags are given a final polish and protective coating to enhance the appearance of the leather. I now use Renapur as part of this finishing process. Some leathers are more ‘thirsty’ than others and I find that Renapur balsam immediately enriches all the leathers I use without patchy absorption found with more liquid preparations.

As part of the bags’ aftercare, I include small sample Renapur pots and leaflets, to encourage the use of the balsam on a regular basis to protect the bags and enhance the development of a deep gloss and patina. Renapur is very economical and easy to apply and gives an instant lift to the appearance of the leather.

Kath Greaves

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