Holland & Holland Recommend Renapur

“Renapur is the only product we recommend to our clients”

Established in 1835 by Harris Holland, Holland & Holland is a world renowned gunmaker with a stunning gunroom based in the heart of London.

“As our products can have a value in excess of £2,000 we have to be sure that we are recommending the right product and with Renapur we can rest assured that we are.”

Holland & Holland also has two international gunrooms situated in New York and Moscow where people can view their magnificent collection of guns. In addition the company’s shooting grounds are located close to London and are available for tuition and corporate events. Holland & Holland’s splendid guns are presented in exquisite handmade leather cases. In order to maintain their beautiful appearance it is imperative that the leather is cared for with a gentle, conditioning and nourishing leather care product.

Holland & Holland will only use Renapur leather care products to maintain the condition of their handmade leather cases. They have found that Renapur cleans, softens and nourishes the leather maintaining its original colour and protecting it from damage.

Andrew Ambrose from Holland & Holland contacted Renapur Ltd to provide us with a glowing recommendation.

“I work in the London Gunroom for world renowned Holland & Holland Gunmakers and we use your product on all of our hand made leather cases. This is the only product we recommend to our client’s as it works so effectively in both restoring and maintaining all of our new leather gun cases. As these products have a value in excess of £2,000 we have to be sure that we are recommending the right product!”

It is a great privilege to be recommended by such a world renowned brand as Holland & Holland. Subsequent to receiving this recommendation, we are even more proud to have a Renapur display in Holland & Holland’s famous London gunroom. Visit their website to read more about Holland & Holland and their range of finest sporting guns and rifles.

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