"No hesitation in recommending Renapur"

Rob Exton – artisan leatherworker & teacher.

“My students are buying my knowledge and experience, they expect unbiased and honest advice, I have no hesitation in recommending Renapur to them.”

Rob came to leatherwork via green woodwork with its specialist tools and the need to make cases for those tools and bags to carry them, in to what can be a quite hostile environment for leather in the great woodlands of England.

He now runs 1 to 1 and group leatherwork courses from his workshop in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and at the Cherry Wood Project near Bath where he teaches an introduction to leatherwork course to 20 – 30 students a year.

Rob explained: – “90% of those that come to our courses are complete novices who are there to learn the basics to start a new hobby. They are paying a fee for a weekend holiday, learning skills but more importantly to acquire the knowledge I have, to speed up their skills and knowledge quickly. They make notes and take pictures and trust what I say is correct.”

Along with other clients Rob works extensively with Jake Hobson of Niwaki developing and making unique secateurs sheaths which are wet moulded to shape, for discerning gardeners. These sheaths, belts and bags are all made with natural veg tan leather which is left ‘au natural’ ready to develop a natural tan colour over the coming months and years. They are however prone to marking and need a good treatment to protect them while that patina develops.

Rob said “A few months ago I tested 7 treatments for these outdoor products and found that from lack of colour change to water resistance Renapur was head and shoulders above the rest. This converted me, I only use Renapur now and am happy to recommend it to my customers and students alike.”

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