Renapur Sneaker Cleaner 150ml


Renapur Sneaker Cleaner is the perfect natural solution to keep your kicks looking box-fresh and ready to go.

The ready-to-use foam offers a delicate clean that will remove dirt and grime, making it perfect for daily maintenance and care for your favourite kicks.

The environmentally friendly, non-toxic and plant-based formula ensures there is no colour lift and can be used on all types of trainers, including Nubuck, Leather, Canvas, Nylon, Mesh & Fleece.

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  • READY TO USE ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANER- As easy as foaming onto a brush and working into your kicks for a powerful but gentle clean.
  • KEEP THEM LOOKING THEIR BEST- Created to maintain and care for all your favourite trainers, sneakers & kicks.
  • THE PERFECT CLEAN, NATURALLY- An all-natural solution for cleaning & maintenance of your sneakers. Plant extract-based and Non-toxic.
  • SOLEMATE FOR ANY SNEAKER- All sneaker materials, including Nubuck, Leather, Canvas, Nylon, Mesh & Fleece.
  • DON’T JUST CLEAN YOUR SNEAKERS, RENAPUR THEM! Renapur have been cleaning and protecting your favourite items for 30 years.

Please note this product is not designed to remove established stains or permanently discoloured shoes. We always recommend testing on a small concealed area first.

  1. Apply a small amount of foam to a clean, soft brush (Remove the laces to soak in Renapur Sneaker Cleaner separately if required.)
  2. Carefully work the foam into the sneaker, including round the soles.
  3. Wipe off any excess foam with a microfibre cloth.
  4. Leave to dry naturally.